Heater Swap-Out Program

UBC’s Okanagan campus is taking strides to reduce its energy consumption. By initiating the behaviour change program, Power of You, and by implementing the Building Optimization Program (BOP) energy reduction can be achieved.

Currently, many personal space heaters found on campus are ceramic models and are rated at 1,500 watts. This is a substantial energy consumer during the cooler months and directly impacts the overall electricity utilized by the University. A more energy efficient option to personal space heating is the use of 170 watt radiant heaters. The Heater Swap-Out Program encourages alternative space heating practices, including alternative personal space heating behaviours and more energy efficient heating options.

To qualify for the Heater Swap-Out Program please follow the process guidelines below:

Please submit a work request to participate in the Heater Swap-Out Program. The work request must indicate if the ceramic space heater is personal property or UBC Property. If UBC property, please additionally indicate if Facilities Management personnel may remove the heater from your office for you if you are not available.

Remember to Power Down: Heat your body not your space! In addition to the Heater Swap-Out program, you are encouraged to practice alternative personal space heating behaviours. These include dressing seasonally appropriate, using a sweater and/or lap blanket, and closing doors and windows to contain heat to your personal space. Additionally, try opening window blinds during the day and closing them at night.