Energy Report Summary

Overview of Q3 of FY19/20

Campus natural gas consumption over the past quarter was 13,700 GJ compared to 11,600 GJ for Q3 last year, a 15.5% year over year increase. Electricity usage on campus for Q3 was 7,500 MWhr compared to 7,200 MWhr in FY18/19, a 3.7% year over year increase.

The increase in gas consumption is believed to be due to a number of factors. Colder weather resulted in an over 8% increase in heating degree days compared to 2018. There were also operational problems in the CCS building that resulted in the building being heating using its boilers rather than its heatpumps. Additional gas was also used in the central heating plant during commissioning of the new connection between the central heating plant and the low temperature district energy system. The more moderate increase in electrical consumption is attributed to increased use in the EME building and new construction taking place on campus (Skeena and Nechako residences combined used about 1.3% of overall campus electricity). A review of the operational settings of the heatpumps in EME is underway in order to improve their efficiency. A recommissioning process to identify and correct inefficiencies for the EME, RHS and UCH buildings is also underway.

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