Energy Report Summary

Overview of Q1 of FY20-21

UBCO Campus total energy consumption over the past quarter (Q1 2020) was 23,889 GJ compared to 26,426 GJ for Q1 last year (Q1 2019), a 9.62% year over year reduction leading to an 8.46% reduction in total campus utility cost.

This total energy consumption includes:

  • 12.07% reduction in campus electricity consumption from 6,318 MWh in Q1 2019 to 5,556 in Q1 2020
  • 10.74% reduction in campus Natural Gas consumption from 4,350 GJ in Q1 2019 to 3,882.70 GJ in Q1 2020

This reduction in campus energy consumption can be primarily attributed to SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and a few energy conservation measures implemented in Q2 through Q4 of FY 19-20.

Energy Operations has been actively working on developing appropriate policies and guidelines that assist in meeting long-term campus energy and carbon goals through the following initiatives:

  1. Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) 2020: explore potential energy demand-side management scenarios (DSM) towards achieving GHG emission goals
  2. High-Level Net-Zero Carbon District Energy (DE) Strategy: develop high-level options to reach a future state (with a view of modernization, renewal, and growth to serve both existing and new loads) anticipating Campus growth consistent with UBC Okanagan goals and aspirations
  3. Energy Monitoring and Data Management Platform: develop an intelligent data driven energy monitoring and management system for micro communities using statistical and advanced data analysis methods
  4. Other: Technical reviews and setting goals, targets and strategies as early as possible for future campus expansions and updating Technical Guidelines intended to provide minimum standards for campus projects

Due to SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), funding has been suspended for energy improvement projects. However, a few projects have been implemented over the last quarter like UBCO Wi-Fi Occupancy Upgrade, Recommissioning of UCH Building and other monitoring improvements.

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