Energy Team Reports

Overview of FY20-21

UBC Okanagan total energy consumption over the last fiscal year (FY20-21) was 135,427 GJ compared to 144,588 GJ for FY19-20, a 6.34% year over year reduction leading to a 3.61% reduction in total campus energy utility cost from $2.75M in FY19-20 to $2.65M in FY20-21. Greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by approximately 1.3% to 1,981.5 tCO2e/ year mainly due to reduction in Natural Gas consumption by Residences as a result of COVID-19. The total campus energy consumption includes:

  • 8.27% reduction in campus Electricity consumption i.e., from 29,409 MWh in FY19-20 to 26,977 MWh in FY20-21
  • 1.05% reduction in campus Natural Gas consumption i.e., from 38,716 GJ in FY19-20 to 38,310 GJ in FY20-21.

In FY20-21, Heating Degree-Days (HDD) fairly remained same at 3,729 degree-days compared to 3,764 degree-days in FY19-20 whereas Cooling Degree-Days (CDD) reduced by around 10% from 359 degree-days in FY19-20 to 330 degree-days in FY20-21.

In terms of energy efficiency studies/ projects, a few projects have been completed/ in progress like Science Lab Demand Controlled Ventilation, Recommissioning of Arts Building, Recommissioning of RHS Building, Recommissioning of EME Building, Recommissioning of UCH Building, lighting projects and other monitoring improvements. Energy Team related activities such as energy conservation measure implementation, equipment upgrade, personnel funding, new construction etc. in the past fiscal year received around $400,000 in FortisBC incentives.


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