District Energy System

Project History

2004 – Clean water is required for a trout research project. A 750’ deep well was drilled but was found to be dry. A local hydro geologist suggested drilling to the east of campus where there is a known aquifer. Test wells produce excellent results, up to 1200 US gallons/minute.

2005 – Water supply utility now upgraded. Trout Program abandons well water supply idea although an open district energy loop concept is created.

2006-2008 – Design and construction of open loop district energy system.

2008-2011 – Open Loop operates (Phase 1) with the newer buildings as they are constructed, however reliability of supply issues delays the addition of the 5 original buildings (Phase 2).

2010 – UBCO directs consultants to resolve issues, provide additional system capacity. Design and construction of a closed loop “energy share” system begins.

2010-2011 – Design/construction of hybrid “Energy Share” campus system.

2011 – Open Loop system converted to Closed Loop DES (Phase 3) with an open loop geothermal heat exchange system. Operation of District Energy System is live.

2012 – Original 5 buildings connected to the system (Phase 2).

Today – Ongoing optimization of newer buildings to operate efficiently with the closed loop temperature operating parameters. Operation and maintenance of the system is ongoing.