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Facilities Management is responsible for administering a service contract for the provision of custodial services to all academic buildings on campus.

Custodial services are typically provided at no cost to departments and are available at the following frequencies:

      • Daily: washrooms, hallways, stairwells, kitchens and common areas receive a Full Clean*
      • Three times weekly: classrooms and labs (upon invitation and/or special instructions in some cases) receive a Full Clean, as well as a Partial Clean** every other day (also three times per week)
      • Weekly: private offices receive a Full Clean
      • Annually: services provided include stripping and waxing floors, carpet steam cleaning, as well as interior and exterior window washing (these items normally take place sometime from May to August).

*Full Clean: Corner to corner cleaning includes: blackboard/whiteboard/brushes/rails, remove waste from common areas, cleaning floor surfaces, table tops, removal of graffiti, spot cleaning walls.

**Partial Clean: Less intense than a Full Clean, and includes: blackboard/whiteboard/brushes/rails, remove waste from common areas, remove debris off tabletops, spot cleaning spills on floors.

Cleaning for conferences, functions, and incremental project cleaning that cannot be accommodated within regular working hours or scheduled timelines are available and will be charged to the requesting department.



Facilities Management Green Cleaning Plan