Capital Renewal & Replacement

Facilities Management carries the responsibility of maintaining UBC assets and are investing in upgrading infrastructure in support of place & promise. Renewal and replacement needs vary by building type, the extent of facility’s use, quality of original construction and maintenance management.

A team of specialized consultants commissioned by the Ministry of Advanced Education (VFA) conduct building and infrastructure audits of all publically owned assets.  This audit identifies the existing physical condition of buildings and infrastructure, maintenance deficiencies and estimated cost for renewal. The facility’s audit provides a basis for decision-making on routine maintenance, capital renewal/deferred maintenance, replacements, and disposal of a facility if need be.

Setting Priorities

Capital renewal and replacement and deferred maintenance programs have Ministry set guidelines and procedures for setting priorities among potential projects. The competition for scarce resources presents challenges in prioritizing which items are to be addressed and which are deferred. Typically, categorizing involves data collection, estimating projects and then summarizing project requests for a five or six year budgeting cycle. Selection of priorities is based on a systematic categorization by the Routine Capital committee.

Selection of projects are re-examined annually to ensure compatibility with institutional goals.

Our intent is to keep the community informed with current projects and status updates.

Renovation / Construction Projects

Renovation and construction projects are now facilitated through the Project Services’ department.  Your starting point: