Signage and Bulletin Boards

All campus signage is installed by Facilities Management. Interior signage includes interior directional and room identification signage, while exterior signage includes street signs, parking area designation, building identification, directional signage, and traffic signage.

Name Plates, Room Identifying Plates and Window Privacy Frosting

In order to maintain continuity with UBC policy and standards, name plates for new hires/office moves, room identifying plates, and window privacy frosting can be ordered through the Facilities Management department. Begin your request by creating an Archibus work request. All requests are chargeable to the requesting department so please provide accounting information when creating the work request (e.g. Workday Program Code).

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards must be used for posting information. All handbills, notices, fliers and bunting affixed or displayed on walls and doors are subject to removal without notification. Bulletin boards for general use by faculty, staff and students are provided in strategic locations throughout campus buildings. Many departments own and manage their own departmental bulletin boards and display cases, the use of which requires the permission of the respective Dean, Director or Department Head.

Bulletin boards for departmental use and/or private office should be purchased with guidance from Facilities Management. To maintain building standards and ensure compliance with Fire, Life & Safety retardant specifications, Facilities Management is responsible for the installation of all bulletin boards on campus.

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