Event Set-ups


  • Event set-up work requests must submitted two weeks prior to the start date of the event.
  • Facilities weekend work hours are 7:00 am – 2:30 pm.
  • Contact weekend Facilities staff by phoning Security: (250)807-9236.
  • Any materials, posters etc. left behind after your event will be disposed of unless specified otherwise in your work request.
  • For your own safety do not set-up, or change a set-up without the assistance of Facilities staff.

All Events:

  • Complete a Safe Event Application.
  • Reserve the room space through Central Booking, with the additional time allotment for set-up and tear-down included (see chart below).
  • Submit a Facilities Work Request for your event set-up. Please have the following information ready, prior to submitting the request.

Event Name:
Event Date:
Event Time: (start & finish times ie: 1:00pm-3:30pm)
Room Booking Timeframe: (including set-up/tear down times)
Room Booking Confirmation Number: (received from Central Booking)
Set Up Requirements: (ensure the description is detailed and attach any floor plans/set-up layout)
Speedchart: (if applicable, see Chargeable Events table below)

  •  Event Inventory –  if you require tables, chairs or other items for your event.

Minimum Setup Allocation:



Minimum Set-up / Tear-Down Allocation


UNC 200 (Ballroom) 2 hours set-up & tear-down
Foyer / Atrium Space 1 hour Set-up & tear-down
Outdoor Spaces 2 hours Set-up & tear-down
Cafeteria / Dining Space 1 hour Set-up & tear-down
Other 1 hour Set-up & tear-down

Chargeable Events:

You may enter an ‘estimate’ request into Archibus if you are unsure if your event set-up is chargeable. (NOTE: Facilities will enter notes within the work order with the estimated fees).

Chargeable Event Set-up Fees Chart:


User Group



Set-up / Tear-down Fee


Academic No Fee **
Administrative No Fee **
Conference Event set-up Fees Apply
Student Association / Club Event set-up Fees Apply
Invitee Event set-up Fees Apply
Other External Event set-up Fees Apply


**If admission is being charged, event set-up fees apply