Event Set-ups

Watch a time lapse of the Facilities team setting up the gym for exams.

Do you have an event and are not sure where to begin? Please click here to fill out the Security Event Application form. Feel free to contact Facilities Management if you have any questions.


Information Required For Your Event Set-up & Work Request: 


  • Event set-up work requests must be given to Facilities two weeks prior to the start date of the event.

  • Facilities weekend work hours are 7:00 am – 2:30 pm.
  • Contact weekend Facilities Staff by phoning Security: (250)807-9236. 
  •  Any materials, posters etc. left behind after your event will be disposed of unless specific instructions are provided otherwise in your work request.
  • For your own safety do not set-up or change a set-up without Facilities Staff doing it for you.


All Events:

  • Always begin by filling out the Online Security Event Form.
  • Reserve the room space through Central Booking with the additional time allotment for set-up and tear-down included, (see chart for time allocation for specified areas).
  • Check out our Event Inventory, if you need tables, chairs or other items for your event.

Minimum Setup Allocation:



Minimum Set-up / Tear-Down Allocation


UNC 200 (Ballroom) 2 hours set-up & tear-down
Foyer / Atrium Space 1 hour Set-up & tear-down
Outdoor Spaces 2 hours Set-up & tear-down
Cafeteria / Dining Space 1 hour Set-up & tear-down
Other 1 hour Set-up & tear-down


Information Required for Your Event Set-up Work Request:

  • Submit a work order for your event set-up request through the Archibus ​Work Order System.
  • Please have the following information to add to the Description field in the work order: 

Event name:


Event Date: 

Event Time: (start and finish times ie: 1:00pm-3:00pm)

Room Booking Timeframe: (see set-up tear down times in table above)

Room Booking Confirmation Number: (which you received from Central Booking) 

Set up Requirements: (ensure the description is detailed and attach any floor plans/set-up layout)

Speedchart (if applicable, see chargeable events chart below):

Your name:

Your phone number: 

  • Changes can be made at any time through the Archibus Work Order System.

Chargeable Events:

You may enter an ‘estimate’ request into Archibus if you are unsure if your event set-up is chargeable. (NOTE: Facilities will enter notes within the work order with the estimated fees.) Please see the chart below outlining which events are and are not chargeable.


Chargeable Event Set-up Fees Chart:


User Group



Set-up / Tear-down Fee


Academic No Fee
Administrative No Fee
Conference Event set-up Fees Apply
Student Association / Club Event set-up Fees Apply
Invitee Event set-up Fees Apply
Other External Event set-up Fees Apply