Facilities Management is responsible for providing moving services for the transportation of goods, materials, equipment and furnishings at UBC Okanagan. Moving services can be arranged by submitting a Facilities Work Request – giving as much prior notice as possible to accommodate scheduling. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required. Routine moving requirements during normal working hours are provided at no cost.

Departments requiring moving services outside of normal working hours will be charged accordingly – estimates are provided. Off-campus moving services, in conjunction with UBC Okanagan related functions (e.g. art exhibits, seminars, etc.) require prior approval from Facilities Management. Large-scale moving services are provided by external contractors and the requesting department is charged accordingly.

Moving Boxes

If you require moving boxes to assist with your move, please request them in your Facilities Work Request.  Please keep track of all of the moving boxes you receive and once emptied, place a new Facilities Work Request for our team to pick up the broken down moving boxes.

ie: Please pick up x number of moving boxes from Room number x.

If you have any questions, please contact us at